BOEM Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts are posted by the BOEM to inform the offshore oil and gas industry of the circumstances surrounding an accident or a near miss.

They also contain recommendations that should help prevent the recurrence of such an incident on the OCS.

Doc # Title Effective Date
11 Heater-Treater Fire 10/17/1974
10 Stem Blowout of Grove B-4 Ball Valves 8/15/1974
9 Series of Accidents 8/1/1974
8 Catalytic Gas Heaters 11/19/1973
7 Lack of Adequate Supervision by Lease Operator of Contract Personnel 11/16/1973
6 Barrels of Deadly Poisonous Cyanide Adrift in the Gulf 9/17/1973
5 Flash Fires/Explosions 6/15/1973
4 Flash Fire -- Cutting and Welding 1/9/1973
3 Flash Fire -- Glycol Gas Dehydrator Unit 1/3/1973
2 Shallow Drilling Hazards 12/13/1972
1 Flash Fire from Liquid Phase Heat Transfer Unit 9/22/1972