Active Lease Owner Data

The Lease Owner report shows ownership for a given lease or area/block in the federal Gulf of Mexico. We also offer Historical Lease Ownership reports. Data fields include area/block, lease #, lease status, group code, owner name, GWI (gross working interest) percentage, water depth, bid system (royalty), effective date, approval date and operator name(s).

Below is a file layout for Lease Owner Data:

Field (Abbreviated) Name Name Description
AR/BLK Area Code & Block Name The Area Code and designated OCS Block Number of the well at the surface location.
LEASE # Lease Number The number assigned to a lease by the regulatory agency having jurisdiction over mineral activity in the territory where the lease is located.
LEASE STATUS Lease Status Identifies the development stage of the lease as assigned by the MMS's Office of Leasing & Environment.
GROUP Owner Group Code Indicates different percentage ownerships within a lease as a result of a partial assignment (aliquot).
OWNER Owner The abbreviated name of the lease owner.
GWI Gross Working Interest The lessee's financial interest in a lease.
WATER DEPTH Water Depth The average vertical distance from mean sea level to the sea floor for a block.
BID SYSTEM Bid System Code Indicates the method by which royalties are determined for a lease or potential lease.
EFFECT DT Assignment Effective Date The date a lease assignment becomes legally effective.
APPROV DT Assignment Approval Date The date an assignment of interest is approved by the Minerals Management Service (MMS), and the official MMS records are changed.
OPERATOR Operator The official designated operator of the lease.

We also offer mapping of Lease Data as well as area/block, platforms, wells, pipelines, units and more.