OCS Offshore Well Production Data

Well Production Totals cover last 3 years of Well Production with most recent production as of most recent month reported.

Well Production History Information - Data Layout

Field (Abbreviated) Name Name Description
Area Block Area Block The Area Code and designated OCS Block Number of the well at the surface location.
Lease Lease Number The OCS Lease Number of the well at the surface location.
Completion Name Well # or Name The name assigned to the well.
Prod Date Production Date The year and month of a production record for a well completion.
Days On Days On The number of days that a well completion produced in a month.
Prod Code Product Code Indicates the primary commodity or product produced by a completion, well, lease or unit. G=Gas; O=Oil; S=Service; T=Test.
Oil Oil The monthly quantity of oil produced from a completion (Bbls).
Gas Gas The monthly quantity of gas produced from a completion (MCF).
Water Water The monthly quantity of water produced from a completion (Bbls).
API API Well Number A unique well identification number consisting of a two digit state code, a three digit county code , a five digit unique well code, and, if applicable, a two digit sidetrack code.
Well Status Well Status Indicates the physical status of a well completion during the production month.

01- Actively Drilling.
02- Inactive Drilling.
03- Gas Injection (Active or Inactive).
04- Water Injection (Active or Inactive).
05- Water Disposal (Active or Inactive).
06- Water Source Well (Active or Inactive).
07- Monitor/Volume Chamber Well.
08- Producing Oil Completion.
09- Production Oil Completion - Gas Lift.
10- Producing Oil Completion - Load Oil.
11- Producing Gas Completion.
12- Nonproducing Oil Completion.
13- Nonproducing Gas Completion.
14- Wellbore Temporarily Abandoned.
15- Completion Abandoned.
16- Plugged and Abandoned.
17- Well Work in Progress.
18- Steam Injection Well.
19- Producing Oil Completion - Subject to Compensatory Royalty.
20- Producing Gas Completion - Subject to Compensatory Royalty.
21- CO2 Completion.
22- Load Oil Injected Into a Gas Well for Treatment.

Op Code Operator Code The official MMS Company Code for the Operator of the well.
Operator Operator Name The Abbreviated Company Name of the Operator of the well.
Field Field The name of the field in which the well is located.
Injection Volume Injection Volume The quantity of fluids injected under pressure into a reservoir through an injection well as part of a pressure-maintenance, secondary-recovery, or recycling operation.
Prod Interval Production Interval Indicates the number of tubing strings and the producing or injection interval of the well.
Date of First Prod First Production Date The date a lease is first placed on continuous extraction of solid minerals or flow of fluid minerals that is primarily for sales rather than testing.
Unit Number Unit Number The identifier assigned to an approved unit agreement.