Non-Required Filings

BOEM Non-Required Filings (NRF's) are documents filed in the BOEM Adjudication office to be recorded.

Since 1993, the NRF has accumulated over thousands of documents (and still growing) and is a replication of the identical records that are accessed on the document imaging stations in the Adjudication Section of the GOM Regional office of the BOEM.

Likewise, the images in the database are updated periodically at the same time as the BOEM database. Although NRF documents are not required to be filed with the BOEM pursuant to the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, such documents are regularly submitted by landmen, lawyers, and oil and gas companies as a matter of industry custom and practice. They are accepted and filed as a courtesy by the BOEM Adjudication Section. The NRFs represent those documents that affect the real title to the ownership and disposition of the oil, gas and mineral leases granted by the BOEM on the GOM’s Outer Continental Shelf. Examples of such documents include:

1. Mortgages, Deed of Trust, Security Agreement

2. Release of Mortgages and Liens

3. UCC Filings and Financial Statements

4. Abstract of Judgment

5. Overriding Royalty, Production Payment, Net Profit

6. Liens and Lien Affidavit

7. Contracts, Agreements, and Conveyances

8. Miscellaneous

9. Pipeline Filing Documents

10. Non-Specific Document Filings (Other)

Overrides (Document Type 5) are actually required filings, but are recorded in the Non-Required Filings database in the BOEM Adjudication Dept.

File Layout:

File Date: File date of the NRF document

Execute date: Date the NRF document was executed

Effective date: Effective date of the NRF document

Document Name: Descriptive name for the NRF document

Document Type: General category type for the NRF document

Lease #: This is the lease # assigned by BOEM to the lease

Area/Block: This is the area and block where the lease exists

Filing party: The filing party that filed the document that is usually performed by the qualified company representative, the law firm or a designated consultant.

# of pages: This is the number of pages for the NRF document

Grantor: This is the list of Grantor(s) identified from the NRF document

Grantee: This is the list of Grantee(s) identified from the NRF document

BOEM Import Date - This is the date on which the BOEM last posted a particular image or set of images to its website. This date has nothing to do with the actual execute, file, effective, or approved date of an BOEM document. The OCS BBS website staff downloads from the BOEM website and posts the Non Required Filings and all of the other Scanned Images to our website each workday morning, subject to the BOEM having released new images in each category of the Scanned Images Database.

BOEM Document Date - This is the date on which the most recent Non Required Filing image exists on the BOEM and OCS BBS websites. For landmen and legal practitioners, it is important because it represents the date on which the last filing/recordation was made for all online documents available (if this date is used as a cutoff for an abstract or title opinion, we suggest using the weekday prior to it (exclusive of weekends and holidays)). For documents filed after this date that are not online, the examiner will need to request documents directly from the BOEM Adjudication Unit.

BBS Index Date - This is the date through which we have completed indexing of all Non Required Filings with Grantor, Grantee, File Date, Execute Date, Effective Date, Exact Caption Name, Subtype, etc.