Oil Spill -- Loading Diesel Fuel

Effective Date: 11/14/1975

U.S. Department of the Interior
Minerals Management Service
Gulf of Mexico OCS Region

Notice No. 031

November 14, 1975

OCS Operations Safety Alert

Oil Spill -- Loading Diesel Fuel

A pollution incident recently occurred on an offshore drilling rig while loading diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel was being pumped from a work boat into a diesel fuel storage tank on the rig. The control room operator failed to observe that the gauges in the control room indicated a full tank. Pumping continued until approximately 20 barrels of fuel was discharged through the vent line into the Gulf.

To prevent a recurrence of this type of accident, the operator will keep a man in close attendance to more carefully monitor all fuel pumping operations.

[signed] D.J. Bourgeois for

D.W. Solanas

Oil and Gas Supervisor

Field Operations

Gulf of Mexico Area