Man Falls from Derrick Ladder -- Fatality

Effective Date: 7/9/1975

U.S. Department of the Interior
Minerals Management Service
Gulf of Mexico OCS Region

Notice No. 025

July 9, 1975

OCS Operations Safety Alert

Man Falls from Derrick Ladder -- Fatality

A fatal accident occurred recently on an offshore platform workover rig when a man fell from the derrick.

The derrickman was climbing the derrick ladder to install a snatch block in the upper portion of the derrick. He was carrying the snatch block with his left hand and holding onto the rung of the ladder with his right hand while stepping to the next higher rung. His foot slipped off the ladder and he lost his grip and fell sixty feet to the deck below.

To prevent a recurrence of this type of accident, the operator has taken the following action:

Advised their workover rig contractors to establish guidelines covering:

1. Use of safety belts while climbing.

2. Limiting the carrying of tools and materials while climbing.

[signature] D.W. Solanas

Oil and Gas Supervisor Field Operations

Gulf of Mexico Area