Fire in Generator Turbine

Effective Date: 11/3/1975

U.S. Department of the Interior
Minerals Management Service
Gulf of Mexico OCS Region

Notice No. 030

November 3, 1975

OCS Operations Safety Alert

Fire in Generator Turbine

A fire recently occurred in the air inlet system of a gas turbine generator on an offshore platform.

After the platform was shut-in the previous evening, gas continued to flow though a leak in the fuel valve sustaining a small fire in the turbine combustion chamber. When the fuel gas system was pressurized for start-up, additional gas leaking through the valve flashed out through the air inlet igniting the air filters. The fire was extinguished with only minor damage to the platform and no injuries to personnel.

To prevent a recurrence of this accident, the operator has taken the following action:

1. Another fuel valve which is connected to the platform safety shut-in system has been installed upstream from the generator.

[signed] D.J. Bourgeois for

D.W. Solanas

Oil and Gas Supervisor

Field Operations

Gulf of Mexico Area