Gulf of Mexico News

Biden Should Release Delayed Offshore Leasing Plan If He Truly Wants More Oil Production
5/3/2023, Forbes
Court ends challenge to 2021 Gulf oil and gas lease sale
5/3/2023, AP News
Federal appeals court ends fight over nixed Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease sale
5/1/2023, The Advocate
Mad Dog Phase 2 Centerpiece in Gulf of Mexico Starts Oil Production
4/18/2023, Rigzone
BP starts oil production at Argos platform in Gulf of Mexico
4/17/2023, splash 247
BOEM Adjusts Limit of Liability for Oil Spills in Federal Waters from Offshore Facilities
4/17/2023, BOEM
New OPEC+ Cuts Will Push Oil to $110 This Summer
4/5/2023, Rigzone
Biden doubles down on green energy as OPEC cuts production, prices soar
4/3/2023, FoxNews
New GOM Lease Sale Reflects Need for Finalized Leasing Program
4/1/2023, Rigzone
US Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 259 results show industry optimism
4/1/2023, Offshore Magazine
Another firm joins LLOG’s deepwater Gulf of Mexico project
3/29/2023, Offshore Energy
Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale Results Announced
3/29/2023, BOEM
U.S. Natural Gas Demand Exceeds Supply As LNG Exports Jump
3/27/2023, OilPrice
Path of Least Resistance for Oil Prices is Now Up
3/27/2023, Rigzone
Oil Prices Continue To Fall Despite Central Bank Action
IEA: Global Oil Demand Will Outstrip Supply In Late 2023
3/19/2023, OilPrice
ExxonMobil announces expansion of Beaumont refinery
3/19/2023, LandLine
Biden Is In No Rush to Fill Petroleum Reserve
3/17/2023, Rigzone
ING Slashes 2023 Brent Oil Price Forecast To $90
3/17/2023, OilPrice
Eni Discovers 200 Million Barrels of Oil Offshore Mexico
3/17/2023, Offshore Engineer
US oil production will remain at 'historically high volumes’ through 2050: New government report
3/17/2023, Yahoo News
Guest commentary: Continued need for oil and gas – unleash USA Energy workers
3/16/2023, American Press
Shell Greenlights Development of Dover Offshore Oil Field in U.S. Gulf of Mexico
3/15/2023, OE Digital
Macro Pressures Weigh on Crude
3/15/2023, Rigzone
Scalise Makes American Energy a Priority, Introduces the Lower Energy Costs Act
3/15/2023, Steve Scalise
Biden Budget Proposes Elimination of Oil, Gas Tax Subsidies
3/15/2023, Rigzone
Are Oil Prices Likely to Remain Volatile Throughout 2023?
3/14/2023, Rigzone
BOEM moves forward with Lease Sale 261
3/14/2023, Offshore Magazine
BOEM Will Publish Proposed Notice of GOM Sale 261 scheduled in September 2023
3/11/2023, BOEM
Scalise, other fossil fuel advocates aim ire at Interior over oil and gas leasing delays
3/11/2023, Advocate
Offshore Is Back
3/9/2023, Rigzone
Environmentalists sue to stop Gulf of Mexico oil and gas auction
3/7/2023, Reuters
Biden's Interior Department keeps dragging its feet on offshore leasing
3/6/2023, Washington Examiner
Talos Energy adds six GoM discoveries, four close to production
3/2/2023, Offshore Magazine
Woodside Energy to pursue oil and gas opportunities in Gulf of Mexico
2/28/2023, World Oil
Academics: Russia Selling Oil Way Over Price Cap
2/26/2023, OilPrice
Rising Crude Inventories Cap Oil Prices
2/26/2023, OilPrice
BOEM Publishes Final Notice of Sale for Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale
2/24/2023, BOEM
Remote Oil, Gas Workforce Will Play Larger Role in Future
2/23/2023, Rigzone
Back of WTI Oil Price Curve Has Collapsed
2/23/2023, Rigzone