BOEM Notices to Lessees and Operators

BOEM Gulf of Mexico Notices to Lessees and Operators, active and historical.

NTL NumberEffective DateTitle
2007-G08 4/2/2007 Using a Motion Compensator when Conducting Coiled Tubing Operations on a Floating Production Platform
2007-G05 3/1/2007 Well Producibility Determinations
2006-G21 10/26/2006 Regional and Subregional Oil Spill Response Plans
2006-G20 10/25/2006 Mudline Suspension Wells - Dry Tree Tiebacks and Conversion to Subsea Wells
2006-G04 2/22/2006 Fire Prevention and Control Systems
2005-G07 7/1/2005 Archaeological Resource Surveys and Reports
2005-G01 1/6/2005 Monitoring Bypassed Safety Devices
2003-G20 1/1/2004 Gas Volume Statement Requirements
2003-G02 3/3/2003 Ultimate Recovery Abandonment and Bypassing of Zones
2003-G05 2/15/2003 Procedures for Submission, Inspection and Selection of Geophysical Data and Information Collected Under a Permit and Processed or Reprocessed by a Permittee or a Third Party
2001-G10 11/28/2001 Clarification of Eastern Gulf of Mexico Sale 181 Military Areas Stipulation
2000-G16 9/7/2000 Guidelines for General Lease Surety Bonds
2000-G17 9/1/2000 Suspension of Production/Operations Overview
NTL 98-19 9/15/1999 Temporary Abandonment of Wells and Maintenance, Protection, and Removal of Underwater Casing Stubs
NTL 99-G19 9/7/1999 Downhole Commingling Policies
NTL 99-G06 5/1/1999 Economic Assumptions for RSVP Deepwater Royalty Relief Model
NTL 99-G05 4/26/1999 Submittal of Documents for Platforms and Structures
NTL 98-26 11/30/1998 Minimum Interim Requirements for Site Clearance (and Verification) of Abandoned Oil and Gas Structures in the Gulf of Mexico
NTL 98-08 8/10/1998 Meteorological Data Collection (Breton National Wildlife Refuge/Wilderness Area)

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