BOEM Notices to Lessees and Operators

BOEM Gulf of Mexico Notices to Lessees and Operators, active and historical.

NTL NumberEffective DateTitle
2009-N01 7/9/2009 Submitting Semiannual Well Tests Electronically
2009-G16 6/25/2009 Global Positioning Systems for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
2009-REN-01 6/22/2009 Applications for Renewable Energy Leases and Grants and Alternate Use Grants on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf
2009-G10 6/1/2009 Guidelines for Jack-up Drilling Rig Fitness Requirements for Hurricane Season
2009-G11 6/1/2009 Accidental Disconnect of Marine Drilling Risers
2009-G14 5/21/2009 Functional Responsibility of MMS Regulations
2009-G13 5/20/2009 Guidelines for Tie-downs on OCS Production Platforms for Upcoming Hurricane Seasons
2009-N03 5/12/2009 Posting the Department of the Interior (DOI) Inspector General's Hotline number at Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Facilities
2009-G07 5/1/2009 Location of Choke and Kill Lines on Blowout Preventer Stacks
2009-G05 4/27/2009 Approval of Acidizing Operations
2009-G06 4/22/2009 Military Warning and Water Test Areas
2009-N02 2/10/2009 Timely Submission of Suspension Requests
2009-G02 1/27/2009 Ocean Current Monitoring
2009-G04 1/27/2009 Significant OCS Sediment Resources in the Gulf of Mexico
2009-G03 1/27/2009 Synthetic Mooring Systems
2008-G22 11/19/2008 Information Guidance for Availability of Well Data and Information Through the Gulf of Mexico Region Online Ordering System
2008-N09 10/29/2008 Extension of Lease and Unit Terms by Production in Paying Quantities
2008-G19 10/2/2008 Changes to the Designation of Operator of an OCS Oil and Gas or Sulphur Lease
2008-G17 9/16/2008 Incident and Oil Spill Reports
2008-N07 8/28/2008 Supplemental Bond Procedures
2008-N05 8/26/2008 Guidelines for Oil Spill Financial Responsibility (OSFR) for Covered Facilities
2008-G13 7/9/2008 Electronically Stored Records
2008-G07 6/15/2008 Managed Pressure Drilling Projects
2008-G09 6/1/2008 Guidelines for Moored Drilling Rig Fitness Requirements for Hurricane Season
2008-G06 5/26/2008 Remotely Operated Vehicle Surveys in Deepwater
2008-G05 5/1/2008 Shallow Hazards Program
2008-G04 5/1/2008 Information Requirements for Exploration Plans and Development Operations Coordination Documents
2008-G03 4/14/2008 Pollution Inspection Intervals for Unmanned Facilities
2008-N03 3/31/2008 Well Control and Production Safety Training
2008-N02 3/1/2008 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Inspection Program
2007-G26 12/15/2007 Design of New OCS Platforms and Related Structures for Hurricane Conditions
2007-G27 10/1/2007 Assessment of Existing OCS Platforms and Related Structures for Hurricane Conditions
2007-N04 9/26/2007 Oil Discharge Written Follow-up Reports
2007-G22 6/25/2007 Suspensions of Operations for Subsalt and Ultradeep Geophysical Work
2007-G21 6/1/2007 Conservation Information Documents
2007-G20 5/25/2007 Coastal Zone Management Program Requirements for OCS Right-of-way Pipeline Applications
2007-G15 5/14/2007 eWell Permitting and Reporting System
2007-G14 5/7/2007 Pipeline Risers Subject to the Platform Verification Program
2007-G12 4/4/2007 Contact with District Offices and the Pipeline Section Outside Regular Work Hours
2007-G09 4/3/2007 Air Emissions Information for Applications for Accessory Platforms for Pipeline Rights-of-way

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