BOEM Notices to Lessees and Operators

BOEM Gulf of Mexico Notices to Lessees and Operators, active and historical.

NTL NumberEffective DateTitle
2011-N01 2/8/2011 Performance Measures for OCS Operators and Form MMS-131
2010-N10 11/8/2010 Statement of Compliance with Applicable Regulations and Evaluation of Information Demonstrating Adequate Spill Response and Well Containment Resources
2010-G05 10/15/2010 Decommissioning Guidance for Wells and Platforms
2010-N08 9/20/2010 Meter/Tank Status Definitions
2010-G06 9/15/2010 2011 Gulfwide OCS Emissions Inventory (Western Gulf of Mexico)
FAQ 8/10/2010 Frequently Asked Questions Information Sheet for NTL 2010-N06
FAQ 8/2/2010 Frequently Asked Questions Information Sheet for Shallow Water Drilling
2010-N06 6/18/2010 Information Requirements for Exploration Plans, Development and Production Plans, and Development Operations Coordination Documents on the OCS
2010-N03 3/25/2010 Guidelines for Royalty Relief Under 30 CFR Part 203
2010-G02 3/3/2010 Well Records Submittal
2010-G03 2/11/2010 Wells (holes-in-the-ground) Without Assigned MMS API Numbers
2010-G01 2/1/2010 Clarification of Deep Gas Royalty Relief Regulation
2009-G40 1/27/2010 Deepwater Benthic Communities
2009-G39 1/27/2010 Biologically-Sensitive Underwater Features and Areas
2009-G36 1/1/2010 Using Alternate Compliance in Safety Systems for Subsea Production Operations
2009-N11 12/4/2009 Air Quality Jurisdiction on the OCS
2009-G35 12/1/2009 Sub-Seabed Disposal and Offshore Storage of Solid Wastes
2009-G34 12/1/2009 Ancillary Activities
2009-N12 11/20/2009 Appeals
2009-G33 11/4/2009 Well Naming and Numbering Standards
2009-G32 11/4/2009 In-Service Inspection Intervals for Fixed Platforms
2009-N09 11/1/2009 MMS Policy on Refund Requests for Service Fees
2009-G31 10/21/2009 Hydrogen Sulfide
2009-G29 10/13/2009 Implementation Plan for Transition from North American Datum 27 to North American Datum 83
2009-G28 10/13/2009 Alternate Compliance and Departure Requests in Pipeline Applications
2009-N10 10/7/2009 Directional and Inclination Survey Data Submission Requirements
2009-N08 9/14/2009 Application and Audit Fees for Requests for Royalty Relief or Adjustment Under 30 CFR Part 203
2009-G18 9/9/2009 Production Safety Systems
2009-G27 9/9/2009 Submitting Exploration Plans and Development Operations Coordination Documents
2009-G26 9/9/2009 U. S. Air Force Communication Towers
2009-G30 9/1/2009 Post-Hurricane Inspection and Reporting
2009-G25 8/25/2009 Shutting In Producible Wells During Rig Moves
2009-G24 8/14/2009 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems
2009-G23 8/14/2009 Structure Assessment Before Moving a Platform Rig
2009-G21 8/7/2009 Standard Conditions of Approval for Well Activities
2009-G20 8/6/2009 Standard Reporting Period for the Well Activity Report
2009-G19 8/5/2009 Containment for Bolted or Welded Storage Tanks
2009-G17 8/4/2009 Designated Safe Welding Areas on Rigs
2009-G15 7/10/2009 Digital Pipeline Location Data
2009-N04 7/9/2009 Submitting Semiannual Well Tests Electronically

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