BOEM Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts are posted by the BOEM to inform the offshore oil and gas industry of the circumstances surrounding an accident or a near miss.

They also contain recommendations that should help prevent the recurrence of such an incident on the OCS.

Doc # Title Effective Date
232 Tropical Storm Preparedness 6/6/2005
231 Human Engineering Factors Result in Increasing Number of Riser Disconnects 5/31/2005
230 Equipment Failure on Deepwater Rig While Running Casing in Open Waters 5/3/2005
229 Inadequate Job Planning Results in Atmospheric Release of Gas 4/4/2005
228 Vent Gas Migrates Through Cable Entrance Hole, Motor Control Center Explodes 3/24/2005
227 Explosion and Fire on Platform Caused by Improper Welding and Burning Practice 3/8/2005
226 Pressure Rise to Surface after Cementing Leads to Burst Casing and Loss of Control 1/28/2005
224 Erroneous Activation of Dump Valve Causes Loss of 165 bbls of Oil-Based Mud 12/29/2004
223 Loss of Well Control 11/29/2004
222 Riser Flexible Joints 7/14/2004
221 Hanger Failure and Ejection Lead to Well Control Incident 6/24/2004
220 Lifting Fatality 6/17/2004
219 Loss of Well Control While Drilling Surface Hole 2/9/2004
218 Fall Results in Fatality 1/9/2004
217 Loss of Control Associated with Setting Surface Casing 12/4/2003
216 Loss of Well Control; Annular Flow After Cementing 10/22/2003
215 Diving Fatality 10/6/2003
214 Flash Fire and Explosion from Inadequately Vented Production Vessel 7/15/2003
213 Marine Riser Failure 6/11/2003
212 Shallow Gas Blowout and Rig Evacuation 4/24/2003