BOEM Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts are posted by the BOEM to inform the offshore oil and gas industry of the circumstances surrounding an accident or a near miss.

They also contain recommendations that should help prevent the recurrence of such an incident on the OCS.

Doc # Title Effective Date
273 Drilling Rig Generator Electrical Equipment Fire 10/23/2008
272 Corroded Ring Gasket Causes Loss of Well Control 11/12/2008
271 Motor Vessel to Platform Boat Landing Transfer Fatality 10/22/2008
270 Dresser-Rand D-VIP Compressor Cylinder Head Replacement for Acorn Nut Part Number TEVM0001 10/15/2008
269 Loss of Well Control from Sustained Casing Pressure 10/8/2008
268 Traveling Block Assembly Strikes Crown Block 10/2/2008
267 Post-Hurricane Recovery, Repair and Construction Efforts 9/23/2008
266 Trouble Shooting Production Platform Upset Problems 9/23/2008
265 Pipeline Ruptures – 870 Barrels of Crude Oil Spilled 7/9/2008
264 Dynamic Pipeline Riser Inspection, Maintenance, and Monitoring Records on OCS Floating Facilities 7/7/2008
263 Pipeline Pump Fire 5/5/2008
262 Sudden Crane Boom Crash Injures One 4/30/2008
261 Manually Operated Drains 4/30/2008
260 Guide Post Fails Catastrophically, Causes Fatality 4/24/2008
259 Catastrophic Failures in Mooring Systems Possibly Put Floating Structures at Risk 1/16/2008
258 Falling Debris Causes Injury 1/16/2008
257 Three Crane Accidents Caused by Improper Rigging 1/10/2008
256 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 1/2/2008
255 Compressor Explosion 11/24/2007
254 Falling Drill Pipe Causes Fatality 9/26/2007