Gulf of Mexico News

McMoRan Exploration Co. Announces Exploration Program With El Paso Production Company Covering Four Shallow-Water, Deep- Gas Prospects On 100,000 Acres In Gulf Of Mexico
6/7/2002, McMoran Official Website
Superior Energy Services, Inc. Takes Delivery of 245-Foot Class Superior Storm Liftboat
6/6/2002, Superior Energy
Cascade prospect partners make hydrocarbon find in ultradeepwater gulf
6/6/2002, BHP Billiton Official Website
Remington Oil and Gas Corporation Files an Original Listing Application To Trade on the New York Stock Exchange
6/6/2002, Remington Official Website
BJ Services announces completion of OSCA acquisition
6/5/2002, Yahoo News
Magnum Hunter Announces Placement of 4.9 Million Shares Previously Held By ONEOK
6/5/2002, Yahoo News
Devon Energy Corp - Discovery on Deepwater Cascade Prospect
6/4/2002, Devon Official Website
James J Mulva of Phillips Petroleum Companies named Petroleum Executive of the Year for 2002
6/4/2002, Yahoo News
MMS Report Projects Offshore Oil and Gas Activity on Five Florida Panhandle Counties
6/3/2002, MMS
TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company to Acquire A2D Technologies
6/3/2002, Yahoo News
BHP makes Gulf of Mexico hydrocarbons find
6/2/2002, Yahoo News
Newfield to acquire EEX for $280 mln in stock
5/29/2002, Newfield Official Website
U.S. to buy back Florida oil leases
5/29/2002, MMS
White House reaches deal on Destin Dome and Everglades development
5/29/2002, Yahoo News
Scientists Find More Oil In The Earth
5/29/2002, Yahoo News
IBM and Halliburton`s Landmark Graphics Sign Global Petroleum Industry Agreement
5/24/2002, Yahoo News
Williams to Become Operator for Discovery Assets in Gulf Coast
5/23/2002, Hydrocarbon Online/Williams
Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority Revs For LOOP Affirmed By Fitch
5/22/2002, Yahoo News
EnCana meets with Investment Community
5/22/2002, Yahoo News
Panaco Inc Delays Most Of $25 Million Capex Budget For 2002
5/22/2002, Yahoo News
Digital Oilfield, EnCana, Nexen, Others In Partnership
5/22/2002, Yahoo News
Nexen strikes Gulf Coast deal with Shell unit
5/22/2002, Yahoo News
Offshore Logistics Posts Higher Results
5/22/2002, TheStreet
Conoco enters into Magnolia pipeline agreements
5/22/2002, Yahoo News
Shell Plans Gulf of Mexico Pipeline Projects to Serve Magnolia and Other New Deepwater Developments
5/21/2002, Shell Gas Transmission Official Website
Conoco Enters Into Magnolia Oil and Gas Pipeline Agreements
5/21/2002, ConocoPhillips Official Website
Amerada Hess discovers oil on Devils Island prospect
5/21/2002, Amerada Hess Official Website
Louisiana Beach to Get Sand for Restoration Project
5/20/2002, MMS
Two New Rules Published in Federal Register
5/20/2002, MMS
Intergraph Process, Power & Offshore and Det Norske Veritas Software Sign Letter of Intent for Software Licensing and SalesCompanies to Collaborate in Shipbuilding, Offshore and Plant Design Markets
5/20/2002, Intergraph Official Website
Pennzoil receives FTC request on Shell merger
5/20/2002, Yahoo News
GlobalSantaFe`s Gulf of Mexico SCORE Up for First Time in 10 Months
5/20/2002, Yahoo News
Diamond Offshore Announces Ocean Baroness Resumes Operations
5/20/2002, Yahoo News
PGS Reservoir Consultants Awarded Prospect Generation Contract By UNOCAL
5/20/2002, Yahoo News
Domestic Oil and Gas Rig Count Up This Week by 17
5/17/2002, Yahoo News
First of Two Halter-Built Vessels Christened
5/16/2002, Yahoo News
ENSCO International and Chiles Offshore Announce Agreement to Merge
5/16/2002, Yahoo News
Dresser, Inc. Reports First Quarter, 2002 Financial Results
5/15/2002, Yahoo News
Kvaerner Announces First Quarter Results - Driving Change to Improve Operations
5/15/2002, Yahoo News
Callon Petroleum Company Reports First Quarter Results
5/15/2002, Yahoo News