Gulf of Mexico News

Williams Lays Off 100 Energy Traders in Tulsa, Okla.
8/22/2002, Yahoo News
John S. Herold Inc. Highlights Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale Forecast Service
8/22/2002, Yahoo News
Spinnaker Exploration Company Apparent High Bidder on Eight Gulf of Mexico Blocks
8/22/2002, MMS
Cal Dive Completes Marco Polo and Gunnison Loan Facilities
8/22/2002, Caldive Official Website
Western gulf lease sale generates less money for more tracts
8/21/2002, MMS
ExxonMobil Approves Thunder Horse Project Funding
8/21/2002, ExxonMobil Official Website
MMS Reveals Content of Eastern Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale Environmental Assessment Analyses
8/20/2002, MMS
Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 184 Receives 391 Bids on 323 Tracts
8/20/2002, MMS
Notice of Opportunity to Comment on a Draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment
8/19/2002, MMS
Halliburton purchases assets of Pruett Industries
8/16/2002, Yahoo News
Kerr-McGee hits two dry wells
8/7/2002, Yahoo News
Williams Considers Selling Western Canadian Midstream Natural Gas Assets
8/5/2002, Yahoo News
BP announces Gulf of Mexico spending plans
8/2/2002, Yahoo News
Denbury Resources Announces Record Production Levels
8/2/2002, Denbury Official Website
Remington increases capital budget
8/2/2002, Remington Official Website
Swift Energy announces production increase
8/2/2002, Yahoo News
PetroQuest announces results at Ship Shoal 72 field
8/1/2002, Yahoo News
Halliburton and Pinnacle to receive award for technology innovation
8/1/2002, Yahoo News
Anadarko To Start Production On South Marsh Island
7/25/2002, Anadarko Official Website
Remington and partners find natural gas on West Cameron Block 347 in Gulf of Mexico
7/23/2002, Remington Official Website
Ensco reports rig dayrate improvement in U.S. Gulf
7/23/2002, Yahoo News
Dominion announces successful Gulf of Mexico wells
7/23/2002, Dominion Official Website
Transocean To Spin Off Shallow/Inland Units To Cut Debt
7/19/2002, Yahoo News
MMS Names New Leasing Program Manager
7/18/2002, MMS
MMS Issues Final Notice of Western Gulf Lease Sale 184 Including Initiatives to Increase Domestic Energy Production
7/18/2002, MMS
Panaco to reorganize
7/18/2002, Yahoo News
Pogo increases capital budget
7/18/2002, Yahoo News
Marathon completes deepwater Neptune appraisal well
7/18/2002, Marathon Official Website
Dominion successfully appraises West Cameron discovery
7/18/2002, Yahoo News
ATP Oil & Gas Announces 2 Bcf of Production at South Marsh Island 189/190
7/18/2002, ATP Oil & Gas Official Website
Forest Oil announces discoveries at South Marsh Island
7/18/2002, Forest Oil Official Website
House Suports Offshore Drilling Ban
7/18/2002, Yahoo News
Wiser Announces New Block Discover at West Cameron 347, Gulf of Mexico
7/17/2002, Wiser Oil
Marathon Oil Company Announces Completion of Neptune Appraisal Well In Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
7/17/2002, Marathon Official Website
MMS grants incentive for subsalt exploration
7/16/2002, MMS
Wiser Oil brings West Cameron 417 on line
7/16/2002, Yahoo News
MMS projects production increase in U.S. Gulf
7/16/2002, MMS
Kerr-McGee to develop Red Hawk prospect
7/12/2002, Yahoo News
Devon continues property sales
7/12/2002, Yahoo News
Department of Interior approves new 5-year leasing program
7/11/2002, MMS