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BOEMRE Completes Draft EIS for Western GOM Sale
BOE Approves 6th Deepwater Permit With New Safety Standards
BOE Approves 4th Deepwater Permit With New Safety Standards
BOE Approves 5th Deepwater Permit With New Safety Standards
BOEMRE Begins Reviews for Proposed 2012-2017 Gulf Lease Sales
BOEMRE Updates Many of the MMS Forms (Old forms expire Feb. 2011)
View Stats of Well Permits & Plans Subject to New Safety & Environmental Requirements
OCSBBS report to track Offshore WellOperations (TA, PA, Plugback, etc.)
BOEMRE Meetings on Proposed 2012-2017 OCS Leasing Program
BOEMRE Guidance for Deepwater Drillers to Comply with Safety Standards
Interior Department Issues Guidance on Corporate Statement of Compliance
Salazar: Deepwater Drilling May Resume
OCS Moratorium Update to PLANO By: Keith Couvillion, Deepwater Land Manager, Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
SAFETY ALERT: Failure to Follow Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures Results in Gas Release
DOI Issues "Idle Iron" Guidance
BOEMRE Public Meeting on Deepwater Drilling Safety on Aug 4, 10 and 11
Chevron in Covington seeks a Land Representative (Deadline Aug. 6, 2010)
Stats on the MMS approved permits under the new safety guidelines
Salazar's MMS/BOE Implementation Plan for Restructuring the Department's Offshore Energy Missions
Obama Issues New Moratorium

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