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BOE Approves 4th Deepwater Permit With New Safety Standards
BOE Approves 5th Deepwater Permit With New Safety Standards
BOEMRE Begins Reviews for Proposed 2012-2017 Gulf Lease Sales
BOEMRE Updates Many of the MMS Forms (Old forms expire Feb. 2011)
View Stats of Well Permits & Plans Subject to New Safety & Environmental Requirements
OCSBBS report to track Offshore WellOperations (TA, PA, Plugback, etc.)
BOEMRE Meetings on Proposed 2012-2017 OCS Leasing Program
BOEMRE Guidance for Deepwater Drillers to Comply with Safety Standards
Interior Department Issues Guidance on Corporate Statement of Compliance
Salazar: Deepwater Drilling May Resume
OCS Moratorium Update to PLANO By: Keith Couvillion, Deepwater Land Manager, Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
SAFETY ALERT: Failure to Follow Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures Results in Gas Release
DOI Issues "Idle Iron" Guidance
BOEMRE Public Meeting on Deepwater Drilling Safety on Aug 4, 10 and 11
Chevron in Covington seeks a Land Representative (Deadline Aug. 6, 2010)
Stats on the MMS approved permits under the new safety guidelines
Salazar's MMS/BOE Implementation Plan for Restructuring the Department's Offshore Energy Missions
Obama Issues New Moratorium
Appeals Court Also Rejects Moratorium
Safety Alert: Pipe Handling Operations

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