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Ben & Kathleen Waring, Secret Gardens Tour
BOEM Public Hearings for Draft Environmental Review for Central and Western GOM Lease Sales
Western Sale 218 Results Online in Excel format
Compliance Issues on the OCS Post-Macondo by Tony Marino at Slattery, Marino & Roberts
GNO Inc wants to know your impact of the Federal Deepwater Drilling Moratorium. Click to take online survey now.
BOEM Approves First BP Exploration Plan to Meet New Standards in Gulf of Mexico
Deepwater Horizon Joint Investigation Team Releases Final Report
Final Bid Recap for Central Sale 213
BOEMRE Reorganization Workshop will be held on September 19, 2011
Western Sale 218 will be held on December 14, 2011
BOEMRE Completes Draft Supplemental EIS for Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale
Feds to extend deep-water leases expiring before 2016
BOEMRE Report of Fire on Mariner's VR-380 A Platform
BOEMRE Completes Draft EIS for Western GOM Sale
BOE Approves 6th Deepwater Permit With New Safety Standards
BOE Approves 4th Deepwater Permit With New Safety Standards
BOE Approves 5th Deepwater Permit With New Safety Standards
BOEMRE Begins Reviews for Proposed 2012-2017 Gulf Lease Sales
BOEMRE Updates Many of the MMS Forms (Old forms expire Feb. 2011)
View Stats of Well Permits & Plans Subject to New Safety & Environmental Requirements

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