Gulf of Mexico News

Lloyd Ridge`s first test possible in Anadarko`s 2003 gulf program
2/28/2003, Anadarko Official Website
Marathon Oil announces reserve replacements
2/27/2003, Yahoo News
MMS Announces Programmatic Environmental Assessment for Grid 16
2/26/2003, MMS
McMoRan Exploration Co. Updates Gulf of Mexico Exploration and Development Activities
2/26/2003, McMoran Official Website
Marco Polo TLP will be installed in 2003
2/25/2003, Anadarko Official Website
Devon Energy buys rival Ocean in $3.5bn deal
2/24/2003, Yahoo News
New chief of BHP Billiton sees gold in oil
2/24/2003, International Herald Tribune
Newfield adds natural gas hedges
2/24/2003, Newfield Official Website
Tahiti appraisal wells in progress
2/24/2003, Yahoo News
Devon Energy Gets Into Deep Water
2/24/2003, Yahoo News
Denbury Resources Announces Record Quarterly Production; Posts 2002 Earnings of $0.88 Per Share
2/21/2003, Denbury Official Website
Woodside sets out US expansion plans
2/20/2003, Yahoo News
Blaylock Initiates Coverage of Ensco International and Rowan Companies With `Buy` Ratings
2/20/2003, Yahoo News
Woodside & Pioneer Begin Work at Roatan Prospect
2/20/2003, Pioneer Natural Resources
Anadarko Moving Forward with Production in the GOM
2/20/2003, Anadarko Official Website
MMS Issues Final Notice of Central Gulf Lease Sale 185
2/18/2003, MMS
Chicago firm`s technology probes ocean bed for oil
2/18/2003, Chicago Sun Times
BP awards Thunder Horse monitoring equipment contract to CorrOcean
2/17/2003, BP Official Website
Dominion Pays $2 Million For Alleged Underpayment of Gas Royalties
2/17/2003, Dept of Justice
Baker Hughes - U.S. rigs rise by 21, Canada up 1
2/17/2003, Yahoo News
Forest Oil announces production results
2/14/2003, Yahoo News
How to play the oil patch Exploration and production companies and oil service firms are in the best position.
2/14/2003, Yahoo News
CorrOcean Inc. awarded a $2 million contract for BP’sThunder Horse field development project
2/13/2003, Yahoo News
Spinnaker updates well activity
2/13/2003, Spinnaker Exploration
Shell International Exploration & Production awards survey projects to C&C Technologies
2/12/2003, Yahoo News
BP Replaces Annual Production By 175%
2/12/2003, BP Official Website
Gulf Deepwater Activity Continues at High Rate
2/12/2003, MMS
Torch Offshore Announces Shipyard Conversion Contract for the Midnight Express
ATP Nominated for 2002 National Safety Award
2/12/2003, Yahoo News
BHP reports Atlantis-6 appraisal success, commits $1.1 billion to Atlantis development
2/11/2003, BHP Billiton Official Website
Shell CEO says Gulf of Mexico is one of the key oil & gas to exploration areas of the world
2/11/2003, Shell
Torch Offshore Announces Termination of Charter of the Midnight Hunter
Offshore Logistics quarterly profit rises
2/10/2003, Yahoo News
RESEARCH ALERT-UBS cuts Cal Dive to ``neutral``
2/10/2003, Yahoo News
El Paso Energy Partners Announces Analyst Meeting Highlights
2/10/2003, Yahoo News
BHP Billiton Boosts Atlantis Oil, Gas
2/10/2003, Yahoo News
Devon Energy reports record production and revenues
2/7/2003, Devon Official Website
Archaeologists Find 127-year Old Shipwreck in Deep Gulf
2/6/2003, MMS
Magnum Hunter Brings More Gulf of Mexico Production Online
2/6/2003, Magnum Hunter Official Website
Magnum Hunter Announces Two Field Discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico
2/5/2003, Magnum Hunter Official Website