Gulf of Mexico News

GOM Firms Clean Up After Storm
9/27/2002, Schlumberger Official Website
TotalFinaElf announces the start-up of production of the Aconcagua natural gas field
9/23/2002, TotalFinaElf Official Website
ChevronTexaco and Schlumberger Team Up to Improve Oil and Gas Production Technology
9/23/2002, ChevronTexaco Official Website
Williams Receives First Gas at New Offshore Platform; Facility Tied to Wells Located 5,000 to 7,200 Feet Deep
9/20/2002, Williams Official Website
MonoDiameter to Make Gulf Splash
9/20/2002, Yahoo News
Shell, Enterprise plan new gas pipeline in deepwater western Gulf of Mexico
9/19/2002, Shell Gas Transmission Official Website
Pure Resources`: Union Oil`s Exchange Offer Is Inadequate
9/18/2002, Yahoo News
Nuevo Energy Acquires 100 Bcfe Of Natural Gas
9/18/2002, Yahoo News
Shell Waits to Savour Great White Find
9/18/2002, Shell Official Website
EPL Announces Results from Recent Exploratory Drilling and New Production Hedges
9/16/2002, EPL Official Website
ChevronTexaco Announces New Discovery in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
9/13/2002, Yahoo News
BP shuts in Gulf oil operations due to tropical storm
9/13/2002, Yahoo News
Shell Confirms Presence Of Hydrocarbons At Great White
9/13/2002, Yahoo News
Magnum Hunter announces new discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico
9/11/2002, Yahoo News
Agip drills successful K2 appraisal well
9/10/2002, Anadarko Official Website
Mad Dog on schedule
9/10/2002, Yahoo News
TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company Announces Availability of New Louisiana Renaissance 3D Project
9/10/2002, TGS Nopec Official Website
Anadarko announces deepwater subsalt appraisal
9/5/2002, Anadarko Official Website
Anadarko outlines future growth profile
9/5/2002, Anadarko Official Website
Houston Exploration and El Paso Production Announce Joint Offshore Exploration Drilling Program
9/3/2002, Houston Exploration Co Official Website
Cal Dive Acquires Shell Offshore Oilfield , Completes Purchase of Amerada Hess Properties
8/30/2002, Caldive Official Website
$15B Conoco-Phillips Merger OK`d Federal Regulators Clear $15.1 Billion Merger of Phillips Petroleum Co. and Conoco Inc.
8/30/2002, Yahoo News
Houston Exploration High Bidder on Six Leases in Federal Lease Sale
8/30/2002, Houston Exploration Co Official Website
Kerr-McGee taps Technip to build Red Hawk cell spar
8/28/2002, Kerr-McGee Official Website
Canyon Express nears first gas
8/28/2002, Williams Official Website
Goodrich Petroleum Announces Discovery at West Delta 83 on its Sullivan East Prospect
8/26/2002, Goodrich Petroleum Official Website
MMS Online Ordering System a Success as E-Government Initiative
8/26/2002, MMS
Federal Judge Won`t Stop Oil Merger
8/22/2002, Yahoo News
Dominion Exploration & Production Apparent Successful Bidder on 2 Blocks in Western Gulf of Mexico Sale
8/22/2002, Yahoo News
Williams Lays Off 100 Energy Traders in Tulsa, Okla.
8/22/2002, Yahoo News
John S. Herold Inc. Highlights Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale Forecast Service
8/22/2002, Yahoo News
Spinnaker Exploration Company Apparent High Bidder on Eight Gulf of Mexico Blocks
8/22/2002, MMS
Cal Dive Completes Marco Polo and Gunnison Loan Facilities
8/22/2002, Caldive Official Website
Western gulf lease sale generates less money for more tracts
8/21/2002, MMS
ExxonMobil Approves Thunder Horse Project Funding
8/21/2002, ExxonMobil Official Website
MMS Reveals Content of Eastern Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale Environmental Assessment Analyses
8/20/2002, MMS
Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 184 Receives 391 Bids on 323 Tracts
8/20/2002, MMS
Notice of Opportunity to Comment on a Draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment
8/19/2002, MMS
Halliburton purchases assets of Pruett Industries
8/16/2002, Yahoo News
Kerr-McGee hits two dry wells
8/7/2002, Yahoo News