Gulf of Mexico News

Senate committee backs Gulf oil and natural gas inventory plan
4/10/2003, Yahoo News
Deepwater Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Enters Service
4/8/2003, Yahoo News
Comstock Resources, Inc. Reports Significant Gulf of Mexico Discovery
4/8/2003, Yahoo News
MMS funds Mexican study of deepwater current in Gulf of Mexico
4/8/2003, MMS
MMS Proposes Accounting Relief for Marginal Properties
4/8/2003, MMS
Anadarko Hits Natural Gas With Eastern Gulf Well
4/7/2003, Yahoo News
EPL Updates the Status of Drilling at East Cameron Block 378
4/7/2003, EPL Official Website
Upturn Forecast in Gulf Rig Count
4/5/2003, Times Picayune Online
Unocal`s Harvest deep shelf well discovers potential commercial gas
4/3/2003, Unocal Official Website
House GOP Revives Oil Drilling Prospects
4/3/2003, Guardian Unlimited
ATP Oil & Gas Corporation Announces 2003 Production and Operating Guidance
4/2/2003, ATP Oil & Gas Official Website
Mariner Energy, Inc. Announced Sale of the ``Falcon Area`` Deepwater Gulf Porjects to Pioneer Natural Resources Company
4/2/2003, Mariner Energy Website
Murphy Oil Sees 30% Production Rise In Gulf Of Mexico
4/1/2003, Yahoo News
MMS issues proposed notice of Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 187
4/1/2003, MMS
MMS Deploys Current Meter Mooring in Mexican Waters with Cooperation of Mexican Government
4/1/2003, MMS
Stone Energy Corporation Announces Significant Gulf of Mexico Discovery And Updated 2003 Production Guidance
4/1/2003, Yahoo News
Conference matches oil men, investors - Event tries to boost independent market
4/1/2003, Times Picayune Online
Apache CEO says eyeing add`l oil, gas acquisitions
4/1/2003, Yahoo News
Tens Of Billions Of Additional Barrels Of Oil Remain To Be Tapped Miles Below Gulf Of Mexico, Cornell Geologist Says
3/31/2003, Yahoo News
MMS Director Johnnie Burton Wins Top Women in Energy Leadership Awards
3/31/2003, MMS
MMS TAR Program Announces Research Projects For Operational Safety and Engineering Initiatives
3/31/2003, MMS
More incentives proposed for deep natural gas
3/28/2003, Houston Chronicle
Energy stocks reflect market`s general gloom - High oil prices don`t translate into profits
3/28/2003, Times Picayune Online
Nexen buys rest of Aspen oilfield in deep-water Gulf of Mexico
3/27/2003, Nexen Official Website
Secretary Norton Announces Major New Incentive For Deep Gas Production in the Gulf of Mexico
3/26/2003, MMS
Unocal Completes Drilling of Bohr Prospect Well in Gulf of Mexico
3/26/2003, Unocal Official Website
Shell to trim its work force - Houston will lose an estimated 225 jobs over three years
3/26/2003, Houston Chronicle
Gulf Coast Energy Marketplace to Debut in New Orleans March 31 - April 1, 2003
3/25/2003, Yahoo News
ATP Oil & Gas Announces First Production from Eugene Island 71 and West Cameron 101
3/25/2003, Yahoo News
BHP Billiton expects to produce 125m boe
3/24/2003, BHP Billiton Official Website
Magnum Hunter Announces New Gulf of Mexico Production
3/24/2003, Yahoo News
Weatherford awarded Optical Monitoring Contract for Marco Polo
3/24/2003, Weatherford Official Website
Independents dominate Central Gulf of Mexico lease sale; bidders target OCS gas
3/23/2003, MMS
Cabot Oil & Gas Announces OCS Lease Sale 185 Results Central Gulf of Mexico
3/21/2003, Yahoo News
Kerr-McGee High Bidder on 63 Gulf of Mexico Blocks; Company Leads Industry in Number of Bids and High Bids
3/20/2003, Yahoo News
Devon Energy High Bidder on Eleven Gulf of Mexico Blocks
3/20/2003, Yahoo News
Remington Oil and Gas Corporation Apparent High Bidder on 23 Gulf of Mexico Shelf Blocks
3/20/2003, Yahoo News
EPL High Bidder on Six Central Gulf of Mexico Blocks
3/20/2003, EPL Official Website
BHP Billiton Acquires Interests in 50 Blocks in Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 185
3/20/2003, BHP Billiton Official Website
Offshore lease revenue short
3/20/2003, Times Picayune Online