Gulf of Mexico News

US Cuts Oil Output Forecast Again As Shale Slows Down
11/9/2022, Rigzone
IEA: OPEC+ May Need to Rethink Oil Output Slash
11/9/2022, Rigzone
GoM Winterfell oil project moving forward
11/7/2022, Offshore Magazine
KeystoneXL Pipeline Could’ve Weakened OPEC's Bargaining Position
11/6/2022, OilPrice
U.S. oil production nears 12 mln barrels/day, at pre-pandemic high
11/2/2022, Reuters
Diesel Market to Stay Tight Into Winter: Chevron Chairman
11/2/2022, The Epoch Times
Windfall Tax On Big Oil Is More Politics Than Real Threat
11/2/2022, Rigzone
SPR A Source of Confusion and Misinformation
10/28/2022, Rigzone
The US Is Exporting Record Oil and Fuel Even as East Coast Faces Shortages
10/28/2022, Yahoo
Depleting strategic oil reserves could prove Painful in the months to come: Saudi energy minister
10/26/2022, Marketwatch
US Has Only 25 Days of Diesel Supply; Shortage Could Cripple Economy
10/24/2022, The Epoch Times
BOEM sets Gulf sale for March 29, 2023
10/21/2022, Reuters
Details for next Gulf of Mexico lease sale have been released
10/21/2022, Advocate
Oil Prices Rise as US Plans to Tap Oil Reserves
10/20/2022, Investopedia
USA Oil Groups React to Biden Measures
10/20/2022, Rigzone
ExxonMobil reveals new partnership on Louisiana carbon capture project
10/18/2022, Upstream
Biden admin keeps delaying oil and gas permitting due to math error
10/18/2022, FoxNews
Chevron CEO Blames Climate Policies For Global Energy Crisis
10/16/2022, OilPrice
EIA Drops Oil Price Forecasts for 2022 and 2023
10/16/2022, Rigzone
Exxon Mobil looking to buy oil and gas producer Denbury
10/16/2022, Offshore Technology
Pioneering geologist plans new drilling in Alaska
10/11/2022, ADN
Interior Department Moves Forward with Leasing Provisions Mandated in Inflation Reduction Act
10/7/2022, BOEM
Oil Prices Could Climb Back to $110 a Barrel, Analyst Says
10/7/2022, Bloomberg
US emergency oil supply shrinks to 40-year low as Biden keeps tapping reserve
API Urges Department of the Interior to Support American Energy Security, Economic Strength with 5-Year Offshore Program
10/6/2022, API
OPEC+ Agrees to Deep Oil Production Cuts Despite US Pressure
10/6/2022, Hart Energy
OPEC+ Tries to Keep Oil Above $90 With Large Cut
10/5/2022, Rigzone
Fitch Solutions Offers OPEC+ Prediction
10/5/2022, Rigzone
Buffett has ‘clear path’ to acquiring Occidental, Truist says
10/4/2022, Seeking Alpha
Where Will WTI Crude Oil Price Be at End-2022?
10/1/2022, Rigzone
E&P Executives See Biden Administration Bent on Destroying Oil and Gas
10/1/2022, Hart Energy
Gas Prices Like a Leaf in the Wind
9/29/2022, Rigzone
BSEE Issues Final Hurricane Ian Activity Report
9/29/2022, BSEE
How the Gulf of Mexico can further the energy transition
9/29/2022, World Oil
Biden Draining Strategic Petroleum Reserve Like ‘Campaign Credit Card’: Industry Official
9/29/2022, Epoch Times
The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is At Its Lowest Level Since 1984
9/28/2022, Forbes
How OPEC+ Could Send Oil Prices Soaring Again
9/27/2022, OilPrice
DOE Announces Notice of Sale of Additional Crude Oil From the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
Talos to Buy Gulf of Mexico Oil Producer EnVen in $1.1 Billion Deal
9/23/2022, OE Digital
Offshore Drilling Rates Jump, Could Rise Further To $500,000 Per Day