OCS BBS Company Information

The OCS BBS Website was created and maintained by Energy Data Solutions, L.L.C. The website has been successfully providing up-to-date BOEM information to the OCS Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Industry since 1995.

It is the first 24 hr./ 7 day website exclusively for the Outer Continental Shelf in the Gulf of Mexico. It was designed by explorationists for explorationists with quick and easy access to critical information in mind and currently in use by over 350 companies.

Our staff can respond to your needs quickly and conveniently. We can eliminate frequent and expensive trips to the BOEM from personnel in your department.

In addition to the Website, Waring & Associates Corporation (a partner in Energy Data Solutions) has been providing onshore & offshore land consulting services and regulatory body research since 1978. We are located in the Elmwood Area, Louisiana, just one block from the U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and Enforcement.

We work in conjunction with Lexco Data Systems of Houston. We market, support and gather data for Lexco's OWL Database.

We Provide:

  • BOEM Advocacy / Research
  • Research in the Adjudication Section
  • Abstracts / Chains of Title
  • Data Procurement
  • Research in the Public Information Section
  • Special Requests / Reports
  • Production Rankings by Company
  • Company Portfolio Analysis

Industry Awards:

Benjamin J. "Ben" Waring, JD CPL
Landman/Investor/Attorney-at-Law both Onshore & OCS-Gulf of Mexico

  • MMS Corporate Leadership Award (Feb. 2002)
  • MMS Award for Well Data Clean-up (December 1999)
  • API-Delta Meritorious Service Award (March 2007)
  • AAPG-Outstand Contribution (April 2000)
  • Desk & Derrick of New Orleans Certificate of Appreciation (June 2007)
  • PLANO Board of Directors (2001-2002)
  • API-Delta, President (2001)

Charlie Miller III, RPL

  • PLANO's Landman of the Year Award (2021)
  • API-Delta Meritorious Service Award (March 2019)
  • 1st place Regional A.I.M.E.E Award of Merit with Desk & Derrick (May 2019)
  • PLANO Special Award (June 2015)
  • AAPL (American Association of Professional Landman) (2002-present)
  • PLANO member (Professional Landmen Assoc. of New Orleans) (2002-present)
  • PLANO Board member (2020-present)
  • PLANO, President (2022-2023)
  • API-Delta Chapter Board member (American Petroleum Institute) (2002-present)
  • API-Delta Chapter, President (2022)
  • Desk & Derrick of the Westbank (2008-present)
  • NOGS- New Orleans Geological Society Board Member (2015-present)
  • Annual Deepwater Technical Symposium Committee (2015-present)
  • SPE-Delta Board Member (Society of Petroleum Engineering) (2021-present)