OCS Offshore Area/Block Production Data

Area/Block Production includes Historical Lease Production  from 1947 to most recent month reported. The lag time from Well Production is due to the BOEM not including the well production in the lease file until all wells have been reported. For most recent production, check the well production.

Lease ProductionLease (or Block) Production History

Field (Abbreviated) Name Name Description
AR/BLK Area Block The Area Code and designated OCS Block Number of the Lease.
LEASE # Lease Number The OCS Lease Number.
PROD DATE Production Date The year and month of a production record.
OIL Oil The monthly quantity of oil produced from a lease (Bbls).
CONDN Condensate The monthly quantity of condensate produced from a lease (Bbls).
GAS Gas The monthly quantity of gas produced from a lease (MCF).
CSGHD Casinghead The monthly quantity of casinghead gasproduced from a lease (MCF).
WATER Water The monthly quantity of water produced from a lease (Bbls).