OCS BBS Clients

LEED Petroleum LLC
CIECO Energy
Virgin Offshore USA Inc
Cal Dive International
Pyramid Petroleum Inc

Dynamic Offshore Resources

Spirit Energy 76 / Unocal
Tesla Offshore
Hall Houston Oil Company
Gryphon Exploration
Kerr McGee
Cairn Energy USA

Deep Gulf Energy LLC (formerly Convergent Energy)

Burlington Resources
ATP Oil & Gas Corporation
EPL Oil & Gas, Inc.

Remington Oil & Gas Corporation

JOG corporation
TDC Energy

Mariner Energy

Hunt Petroleum
PetroChief International
Marlin Energy
Enterprise Oil
Maersk Oil
Houston Exploration

Steege Kingston & Associates Inc

Century Exploration
Badger Oil Corporation
Object Reservoir
PanCanadian Energy
MCX Exploration
Stone Energy
Wiser Oil
Maritech Resources
NCX Company LLC
Challenger Minerals

King, LeBlanc, and Bland LLP

EPI Solutions

Sterling Energy

Brazos Natural Resources

The William G. Helis Company

Harrison Lovegrove

Nippon Oil Exploration USA Limited

Trifecta Oil & Gas

Continental Land & Fur Co, Inc

AOA Geophysics

NI Energy Ventures Inc


Resource Technologies

TSAR Energy

CONN Energy

Litchfield Energy Consulting

Stephens Production LLC

Maxus Corporation

Samedan / Noble Energy

Energy Resource Technology

Gray Exploration Company

Cronus Offshore

Magnet Consulting


Trog Exploration & Production

South River Exploration

Fidelity Exploration & Production

Republic Exploration (Also Juneau Exploration, Magnolia & Contango Offshore Exp, LLC)

Breton Energy
Shell Gas Transmission