Lease File Documents

OCS BBS is used by many law firms for running title, looking up liens, overrides, mortgages, etc. or we can customize specialized reports for your particular project.

Lease File Documents include scanned image documents for the following: (each document below will be viewable in PDF format)

1. Original Bid, Lease, Receipt & Relinquishment document(s)

2. Bonds documents

3. Designation of Operator documents

4. Lease Status documents

5. Merger, Name Change documents

6. Operating Rights Assignment documents

7. Record Title Assignment documents

8. Rejected Leases documents

9. Archaeological Surveys documents

10. GOMESA Credit documents

File Layout:

File Date - file date of the document

Effective Date - effective date of the document

Lease Effective Date - original lease effective date when lease was issued

Approved Date - approved date of document (if one is provided)

Imported Date - date the document was imported by BOEM

Document Type - type of document (Bid, Bond, Lease Status, Merger/name Change, Operating Right, Record Title)

Lease # - lease number assigned by BOEM

Area/Block - Area/Block where the lease is located

File Size - file size of the document

Pages - number of documents of the document