Gulf of Mexico News

Democrats Predict Alaska Drilling Plan to Fail
4/17/2002, Yahoo News
Apache`s Kim Fawvor receives MMS Leadership Award
4/16/2002, MMS
MMS Has Prepared an Environmental Assessment for Proposed Federal Oil and Gas Lease Sale 184 in the Western Gulf of Mexico
4/16/2002, MMS
MMS Issues Proposed Notice of Western Gulf Lease Sale 184 Including Initiatives to Increase Domestic Energy Production
4/16/2002, MMS
Compaq and Schlumberger Form Alliance to Market Global IT Solutions
4/15/2002, Yahoo News
Halliburton Hit With $98 Million Verdict in Patent Case
4/12/2002, Yahoo News
ExxonMobil Wins MMS Awards
4/12/2002, MMS
Offshore Oil Drilling: An Environmental Bonanza
4/12/2002, Yahoo News
Cabot planning shallow water drilling on East Cameron Block 113
4/12/2002, Yahoo News
MMS Honors Best In Industry
4/11/2002, MMS
Mariner Energy sells partial interest in Falcon to Pioneer
4/11/2002, Pioneer Natural Resources
Pioneer to acquire deepwater gulf, W. Texas field stakes
4/10/2002, Pioneer Natural Resources
Cruickshank Named Deputy Director of MMS
4/9/2002, MMS
New Director to Address MMS 4th Annual Industry Awards Ceremony
4/8/2002, MMS
Ocean Energy unfazed by talk it could be target
4/8/2002, Yahoo News
Anadarko CEO: Energy Price Volatility a New Constant; Oil and Gas Exploration More Critical Than Ever
4/8/2002, Anadarko Official Website
Rupture spills 340,000 litres of oil
4/7/2002, The Star
Kerr-McGee/Ocean Energy Announces Deepwater Discovery at Merganser
4/5/2002, Kerr-McGee Official Website
Diamond Offshore Receives Three District Safe Awards and Corporate Leadership Award
4/4/2002, MMS
Interior`s Failure To Issue IIM Trust Benefit Payments Smells Like Political Ploy, Judge Hints
4/4/2002, MMS
MMS and U.S. Coast Guard To Hold Joint Workshop on Transferring Responsibility For Fixed OCS Facilities
4/4/2002, MMS
Federal government leases minerals in five states
4/4/2002, Yahoo News
PGS Reservoir Consultants Launch a New Web Site to Promote its Energy Transaction Services
4/3/2002, Yahoo News
Atlantis to cost BHP and BP $2bn
4/3/2002, BHP Billiton Official Website
TGS-NOPEC secures 3D vessel capacity for the Gulf of Mexico
4/2/2002, Yahoo News
Notice of Availability of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Locations, & Dates of Public Hearings on Proposed CGOM and WGOM Planning Area
4/2/2002, MMS
ChevronTexaco Makes Discovery at Tahiti Prospect in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
4/2/2002, ChevronTexaco Official Website
Dominion E&P Makes `Significant` Shelf Discovery
4/1/2002, Yahoo News
Dominion finds significant US Gulf gas field
4/1/2002, Yahoo News
ChevronTexaco`s Tahiti a major deepwater discovery
4/1/2002, Yahoo News
PanCanadian Energy touts energy find in deepwater Gulf of Mexico
4/1/2002, Yahoo News
Beach Replenishment Project Begins in Brevard County, Florida
3/27/2002, MMS
MMS Restores Email and Web Access
3/27/2002, MMS
ATP Oil & Gas Awarded Deepwater Royalty Relief by MMS and Marks Record Production for Garden Banks 409
3/27/2002, ATP Oil & Gas Official Website
Houston Exploration High Bidder on 3 of 6 Leases in Federal Lease Sale; Acquires Additional Exploratory Acreage in South Texas
3/26/2002, Houston Exploration Co Official Website
MMS and Texas A&M University To Extend Deepsea scientific Investigation Into Mexican Waters
3/26/2002, MMS
Mariner Energy Is Apparent High Bidder on 12 Blocks in Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale
3/26/2002, Yahoo News
FMC Technologies Unit Signs Strategic Sourcing Agreement With BP For Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Developments
3/26/2002, Yahoo News
Contango Oil & Gas Affiliates Apparent High Bidders on Six Gulf of Mexico Lease Blocks
3/22/2002, Yahoo News
Magnum Hunter High Bidder on 41 Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Blocks
3/22/2002, Yahoo News