Gulf of Mexico News

Unocal Names Terry Dallas as New CFO; Timothy Ling to Focus On Expanded North American Operations, E-Business Initiatives
6/6/2000, Unocal
Texaco Wildcat Discovery in US Gulf of Mexico
5/23/2000, Yahoo News
Unocal scores 82% success rate in worldwide shelf and onshore exploration drilling program
5/22/2000, Unocal
ExxonMobil and Agip Announce Venture in Gulf of Mexico
5/4/2000, ExxonMobil Official Website
Magnum Hunter announces Gulf of Mexico discovery
3/17/2000, Remington Official Website
Basin Submits High Bids For Ten Gulf Of Mexico Leases
3/15/2000, MMS
AGSO: Petroleum exploration report records high level of discoveries
3/13/2000, Yahoo News
Unocal`s Spirit Energy 76 Scores With 100% Working Interest Gas Discovery On New Gom Shelf Block; Ups Production To 175,000 Boe/d
1/13/2000, Unocal
Unocal`s Spirit Energy 76 Announces Success Of Exploration And Development Programs
12/31/1999, Unocal
US Dept Of The Interior: Gulf Of Mexico Deep Water Oil And Gas Production Rises Dramatically
10/21/1999, MMS
Conoco & Unocal Find Oil in Gulf of Mexico’s Green Canyon Block 562
9/29/1999, Unocal
BP Amoco & Mobil Discover Deepwater Elephant in US Gulf of Mexico
7/23/1999, Yahoo News
Conoco`s Ultra-Deepwater Drillship Gets a `Thumbs Up` on Performance
4/21/1999, Yahoo News
Shell`s Deepwater Brutus Discovery Set for Development in Almost 3,000 ft Water
4/13/1999, Yahoo News
March 1, 1999, Blue Dolphin Energy Acquires Black Marlin Pipeline
3/1/1999, Blue Dolphin Website
World`s First New Generation Drillship Begins Work in US Gulf of Mexico for Conoco
2/2/1999, Yahoo News