BOEM Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts are posted by the BOEM to inform the offshore oil and gas industry of the circumstances surrounding an accident or a near miss.

They also contain recommendations that should help prevent the recurrence of such an incident on the OCS.

Doc # Title Effective Date
317 Catastrophic Incident Avoided Adobe Acrobat PDF 6/12/2015
315 Dynamic Positioning System Failures On Offshore Supply Vessels Engaged In Oil And Gas Operations In The U.s. Outer Continental Shelf Adobe Acrobat PDF 2/24/2015
314 Operator Electrocuted Trying to Charge a Battery Adobe Acrobat PDF 9/23/2014
313 Snake Grip Failure on Drill Line Adobe Acrobat PDF 7/31/2014
312 Dynamic Positioning System Failures On Vessels Other Than Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (Vessels) Adobe Acrobat PDF 5/20/2014
311 Methane Venting Hazard to Helicopter Operations Adobe Acrobat PDF 5/2/2014
310 Hydraulic Workover Unit Toppled by Waterspout Adobe Acrobat PDF 5/1/2014
309 Misuse of Beam Clamps as Ground Adobe Acrobat PDF 4/19/2014
308 Overloading Leads to Catastrophic Failure of Crane Boom Adobe Acrobat PDF 3/19/2014
307 Lower Stairwell Step Collapses Causing Injury Adobe Acrobat PDF 2/19/2014
306 Trapped Pressure Beneath a Tubing Plug Blows Work String from Well Adobe Acrobat PDF 1/19/2014
305 Explosion, Fire and Fatalities West Delta Block 32 Platform E Adobe Acrobat PDF 11/25/2013
304 Boom Hoist Wire Rope Failure Results in Fatality Adobe Acrobat PDF 2/1/2013
303 Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) Connector Failure Adobe Acrobat PDF 1/29/2013
302 Pressure beneath a Surface Bridge Plug Blows Work String out of Well Adobe Acrobat PDF 7/2/2012
301 Fall/Fatality during P & A/Platform Abandonment: Supervision, Operational, Equipment, and Organization Errors Adobe Acrobat PDF 4/13/2012
300 Unplanned Emergency Disconnect Sequence (EDS) of the Lower Marine Riser Package Adobe Acrobat PDF 3/9/2012
299 Failure to Properly Bleed Tubing Hanger Void Results in Injury Adobe Acrobat PDF 1/31/2012
298 Electric Line Failure from Corrosion Results in Injury Adobe Acrobat PDF 12/30/2011
10 Safety Alert for the Macondo Well Blowout Adobe Acrobat PDF 11/10/2011