BOEM Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts are posted by the BOEM to inform the offshore oil and gas industry of the circumstances surrounding an accident or a near miss.

They also contain recommendations that should help prevent the recurrence of such an incident on the OCS.

Doc # Title Effective Date
157 Wireline Accident Involving the Formation of an Ice Plug in the Lubricator 7/19/1989
156 Fire on the Water Beneath Facilities 7/6/1988
155 Fire on Glycol Reboiler Due to Carry-over and Uninsulated Compressor Exhaust 6/14/1988
154 Flash Fire During Portable Well Testing Operations 3/18/1988
153 Fire Caused by Cutting Torch Used to Cut Tubing 2/12/1988
152 Circulating with Natural Gas Through Coil Tubing 6/19/1987
151 Explosion of Accumulated Gas in the Engine Room of a Supply Vessel Servicing an Offshore Facility 2/12/1987
150 Fire Occurs During Cutting Operation to Install Casing Head 7/24/1986
149 Compressor Blowdown Leads to Fire 5/13/1986
148 Pipe Nipple Fatigue and Inadequate Insulation Cause Compressor Fire 3/27/1986
147 Fire from Generator Engine Exhaust Leak Igniting Fiberglass Panel 3/17/1986
146 Fire During Production Equipment Dismantling Operations 2/21/1986
144 Uncontrolled Shallow Gas Flow 1/23/1986
145 Tubing String Equipment Failure During a Plug and Abandonment Operation 8/22/1985
143 Compressor Fire During Maintenance Operation 8/15/1985
141 Fire in Rental Generator on Production Platform 6/20/1985
142 Pollution Because of Failure of Level Safety High Sensor and Level Controller 6/20/1985
140 Uncontrolled Well Flow and Pollution During Workover Operations 6/18/1985
138 Fire and Injury During Welding Operations in Derrick 5/29/1985
139 Pollution from Production Operations Due to Rupture Disc Failure 5/29/1985